93.6 Global Radio, Costa del Sol.`

93.6 Global Radio, Costa del Sol.  Originally built almost a decade ago, the Global Radio site is a heavily modified WordPress install. It is used by the company as a promotional medium and regularly updated content management system.

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    93.6 Global Radio, Costa del Sol

    The most popular English-speaking radio station on Spain’s Costa del Sol, I have been involved with 93.6 Global Radio since 2012.  The original website development was simply an advertising medium for a small number of the station’s advertisers. However over time, I wrote custom PHP code to add live web streaming, a comprehensive advertiser system and a number of custom display and carousels.

    Since the arrival of the new station manager, the company has been adding its own content through the WordPress CMS. This frequent adding of news stories from the Costa del Sol greatly improves organic search ranking.  The administration of this new content was via a number of custom PHP functions and code.

    Email campaigns have also been very popular for the company, as well as special internet campaigns with Facebook paid and non-paid advertising and Google Ads.

    Over the years, I have produced hundreds, maybe thousands, of print, press and conventional artwork, all coordinated within the 93.6 Global Radio brand.

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