El Oceano Luxury Beach Hotel, Mijas Costa, Spain

El Oceano Luxury Beachfront Hotel.  A magnificent, four-star hotel on Spain’s Costa del Sol, El Oceano is a client of mine.  I update the website frequently withy software updates and relevant temporal content.  We also use Google Ads and Facebook for promotion and monthly email campaigns.

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    El Oceano Luxury Beachfront Hotel

    An excellent client, El Oceano is a luxury, 55 room hotel on Spain’s sunny Mijas Costa, on the Costa del Sol.  The website is kept up to date, daily, mostly to reflect entertainment in the restaurant, but various other promotions, too.

    I have been responsible for the website, maintenance of servers, email addresses for some years and consider El Oceano my biggest client.

    Web Build & Redesign

    The El Oceano website has been very strong for a number of years.  Once the initial design was decided upon, the content started.  Now, with some number of thousands of pages indexed, the site ranks very well in an otherwise almost-impossible market*.

    A new update and redesign is scheduled for 2023, my fingers are crossed for that!

    Monthly Email Newsletters

    This client has tens of thousands of contact email addresses, which made MailChimp a little expensive.  Instead, they decided to go with SendPulse to send regular email campaigns.  There’s little difference between the two services (although I prefer MailChimp), and SendPulse are a little less costly.  We regular schedule emails to around 10,000 verified guests (or those that have contact).  Opens stand at around 35%, above the norm.

    Facebook Posts & Campaigns

    El Oceano’s Facebook Page is updated almost every day.  Facebook is, perhaps, the most useful advertiser for this client, with regular promotional updates and regular increases in Likes and Follows.  The page currently has a little over 20,000 Followers.  It started at less than 400.  That’s a good result!

    Google Ads Campaigns

    We run regular Google Ads campaigns over the year.  As the high season months tend to sell themselves on the Costa del Sol, most work is targeted to the low season months.  Google Ads start around the beginning of January to catch early visitors and pre-empt any summer reservations.  The Autumn months are also a target for the UK and Ireland holiday makers, plus attracting locals to the restaurant and vip sunbeds.

    Various Artwork for Print

    I also set the artwork for a number of menus, posters and printed items for event evenings, room keys,

    Competing in the Tourism Sector

    If you run or own a hotel, guest house or B&B, you’ll already know booking.com.  They are, without question, the leading web service for the hotel and hospitality industry.  If you’re already using booking.com, you’ll be aware of their hefty charges.  They absolutely dominate the search results for anything related to hotels or holidays, along with other big names like TripAdvisor, eBookers.com and others.

    The Holiday & Tourism Market Online

    Luxury Holidays in Spain Don’t Get Any Better than El Oceano

    Your here reading about web development, but should you be thinking about your next Summer holidays in Spain, look no further than El Oceano Hotel.  55 luxury rooms, suites and apartments, three dining areas and a reputation second to none!

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