Yorkshire Linen Beds & More, Mijas Costa & Marbella, Spain

Yorkshire Linen Beds & More – Online shop, selling beds, mattresses, bedding & linen, curtains and soft furnishings.  A fantastic initial job and an equally fantastic ongoing client.  Web build and maintenance, press ads, Google campaigns, emails with MailChimp and more!  A lot more!

Yorkshire Linen Beds & More

With two shops on the Costa del Sol in Spain, Yorkshire Linen Beds and More came to me with a rather messy website, full of empty pages and random URLs.  Putting the design of the site aside for the time, my first concern was the structure of the pages and products – the “taxonomy”.

Google loves good taxonomy.  Basically, it’s a fancy word for categorisation.  The first job was to organise all the products.  There were about 1,500 different products when I first got involved, and all the product pages were missing any kind of categorisation, or taxonomy.

Here’s an example (these are not live links, they’re just examples)…

  • https://www.yorkshirelinen.es/product/white-cotton-fitted-sheet
  • https://www.yorkshirelinen.es/shop/bed-linen/sheets/white-cotton-fitted-sheets

Notice the first of the above two URLs, between the domain (www.yorkshirelinen.es) and the product name (white-cotton-fitted-sheet), you see “product”.  That word was the only category across ALL the products on the site.  All products – sheets, pillows, headboards, cushions, etc. – were in the same category.

I needed to fix that first.  Notice in the second line, the ‘product’ bit is replaced with the categories in which the product falls.  It took some time, but manually categorising each product resulted in a MASSIVE jump in where the site was found in Google search.  And, I do mean ‘massive’.

For almost every search term relevant to the company, www.yorkshirelinen.es now dominates local search, always in the top three position, 90% of the time at position one, even beating larger and more established brands like Next.

I consider that a result.


It was a ‘no-brainer’.  I didn’t want to interrupt the existing site, so created a development server to start the build.  The installation went smoothly, then the huge job of manually editing each of the 1,500 products began.  It took some time.  It took a looooong time… but it was worth it.

I organised all products in to their respective categories and added ‘tags’ for the colours, sizes and features, while adding some content to each product.  BRanding also played a big part.  After my experience of Google Images, I decided we HAD to brand each image.  I created a template image in PhotoShop, of 1,000 pixels square and started standardising each product photograph.

We now rank very well indeed in Google, both search and images.

Constant Updates

Every two to four weeks, we update the website in line with the current promotion. These changes are inline with the greater promotion of Google Ads, bulk emails, newspaper adverts and Facebook promos, so everything looks the same!

Regular Bulk Email Campaigns with MailChimp

Every 3 or 4 weeks, we send out a new bulk email and results just keep getting better and better.

Newspaper Press Adverts

Every two weeks, a new, full-page advert, for which I set the artwork, to match the Google Ads, the Facebook ads and the website.  It’s all coordinated!

Google Campaigns

In line with the above, for each promotion I create a Google Ads campaign.  Targeted very locally, the client spends between €5 and €20 per day.

Yorkshire Linen Beds & More

With two giant stores on the Costa del Sol, Yorkshire Linen Beds & More is your first stop for the best quality linens, curtains, beds, mattresses and furniture! Huge ranges of curtains, cushions, sheets, pillowcases, throws, blankets, pillows, duvets, towels, bathrobes and a whole lot more! Roll over “Shop Online” above and start shopping today! Your home is beautiful. Make it exquisite with Yorkshire Linen Beds & More!

Yorkshire Linen Beds & More specialize in supplying luxury bed linen, bath linen and soft furnishings at the lowest prices you’ll find online or in store. Our range of products cater for all tastes, with traditional designs to modern, contemporary styles and everything in between, so if you can’t find the ideal duvet cover set or the perfect curtains on our website, you’ll be unlikely to find them anywhere in Spain.

More than just offering a high quality of bed linen and soft furnishings at unbelievable prices, we also pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer service and our no-quibble return policy. If, when you receive your order, the design doesn’t work as well as you expected or the shade doesn’t quite match your existing décor, simply return the item to us for a full refund or exchange it for an alternative product.

Shop quickly and easily from the comfort of your own home. Place an order online and we will deliver the products straight to your door. Almost all of our products are available for prompt delivery throughout Spain.