Myfanwy Frost-Jones

Myfanwy Frost-Jones.  A chance conversation lead me to the work of a local video artist.  I had a quick look and was very impressed.  I gain nothing from this post, but wanted to share some of this excellent videography from local artist Myfanwy Frost-Jones.

Myfanwy Frost-Jones

Since moving to Kenmare, I’ve been introduced to the work of local artist, Myfanwy Frost-Jones.  Only being referenced in conversation, I learned she is a video artist and went to YouTube to see what I can see.  The first video I watched, “Unsustainable.  Local sustainability via local voices work in progress.“, I watched with the sound off, so didn’t hear the meaning of the video, but was immediately struck by the photography (more like cinematography) in the opening seconds of the video.

It reminded me of the opening sequence from Stanley Kubrick’s, ‘The Shining’.  Stanley Kubrick has always been my favourite film maker (along with David Cronenberg and others), specifically because of his distinctive camera use.  Wide angle lenses, very long sequences with slow pans or zooms, juxtaposed with harsh cuts.  Always nice.

Anyway, the opening seconds of Unsustainable caught my attention, so I looked over the other videos in her portfolio and made this short clip, as an introduction (important: I own none of the original material, all rights are reserved).

Since paying some mare attention, the sound is quite important, although I left it out of this compilation and decided to concentrate just on the imagery.  It’s really good.

More About the Artist

Myfanwy Frost-Jones. Photography. Video. Installation. Sculpture. Art

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