It’s All About Summer Holidays

2024 at El Oceano Luxury Beachfront Hotel, Restaurant & Polynesian Pool

Summer Holidays in Spain.  El Oceano Hotel has closed for it’s winter ‘hibernation’, but the work doesn’t stop!  Even though the day-to-day promotion of the restaurant has taken a back seat, the January/February push for ‘luxury’ holiday makers is in full swing!

2024 at El Oceano Luxury Beachfront Hotel, Restaurant & Polynesian Pool
2024 at El Oceano Luxury Beachfront Hotel, Restaurant & Polynesian Pool

Summer ’24 and the Expected Tidal Wave of Tourists to the Costa

After recent years, I’m happy to say that 2023 was a great year for the hotel and for the Costa del Sol generally.  Tourism was on the up and many enjoyed a decent summer.  We’re expecting 2024 to be similar, if not better.

There’s a lot to do between now (the beginning of January) and the hotel’s opening date at the end of March.  We’ll be confirming the entertainment line-up for the year, preparing new menus for the restaurant, plus some new promotions for the ‘VIP’ Polynesian Pool sunbeds.  I’m expecting a lot of work.

We’ll be continuing our regular monthly bulk email campaigns, they are unquestionably useful.  Also this year, we’ll be stepping up our Google Ads campaigns, hopefully bringing a new campaign to each month.  As of right now, the focus will be on summer holidays, targeted to those people who have already visited and people who match similar demographics and interests.

These two A4 posters continue the theme we’re using for 2024.  The ‘tattered’ edge on the main image looks really good, I think.  It’s a nice theme for this year.

Facebook Promotion

Facebook is still playing a large part, with regular posts for upcoming events – especially those we know will sell out quickly.  The restaurant hosts special event days, including The Grand National and Ascot Ladies’ Day, both of which have an excellent following and even now are almost full.  It’s always nice to see the restaurant full long before the date.

While the increase in ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ on Facebook is nowhere close to what it was some years ago, the numbers are still going up.  We’re now at over 20,000 for each metric, which is great.  Last year, Facebook removed the ability to compare stats to earlier dates, which tells me that Facebook knows their numbers aren’t growing as quickly as they once were.

I can see a time in the near future (years, not months) that Facebook will no longer be the ‘tour de force’ of advertising media that is has been, but for those, mostly older, people, it will remain relevant and a very useful tool for advertisers.

We use it to the fullest possible, with regular posts on the El Oceano Page, plus most posts reposted on any relevant ‘groups’ and, of course, boosted posts to various markets, depending on what’s being advertised.

Roll on the Summer!

If you’re involved in the tourism industry, and think you may benefit from a promotional ‘push’ this 2024 Season, I’d be delighted to talk to you.  Call me on (+353) 089 488 5089 or email