Two New Google Ads Campaigns

Two New Google Ads Campaigns for two clients.  One ‘Brand Awareness’ campaign for Spring and Summer holidays in spain and one, on-going campaign using Google’s new ‘Performance Max’ ad format.  Mixed results at the beginning, but looking rather nice now.

Two New Campaigns

Two New Google Ads Campaigns

It’s been a busy couple of days building two nice new campaigns for two clients.  The ‘Brand Awareness’ format is one I’ve used a lot and am happy with.  They tend not to produce too many clicks, but as the name suggests, they certainly raise awareness of the brand name.  The ‘Performance Max’ campaign is new to me, so we’ll see how it performs.

Summer Holiday Campaign

This new brand awareness campaign is set to target UK and Ireland, with very specific restrictions on audience.  My intention is to remind those who already know about the hotel, or those who fall in to a similar demographic.  The campaign consist of 5 headlines, 15 descriptions, 15 images and one YouTube video.

Bed & Mattress Shop Campaign

Actually, four separate campaigns, targeting different areas of the clients’ business.  I created a general brand awareness campaign, a YouTube campaign, a PPC campaign and one of the new ‘Performance Max’ campaigns.

Google Ads

Google Ads for Marketing, Promotion & Advertising

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