Spring 2024 at Yorkshire Linen Beds & More!

Spring 2024 at Yorkshire Linen Beds & More - Fresh New Collections of Bed Linen

Spring 2024!  The new Spring collections are coming in at Yorkshire Linen Beds & More.  Anoterh comprehensive campaign of web updates, bulk emails, newspaper adverts and Google advertising.  A nice campaign, as always!

Spring 2024 at Yorkshire Linen Beds & More!

Lots of new products to add to the WooCommerce shop and a new campaign to promote spring interiors.  We chose a fresh background image, from FreePik.com, of daisies and a blue sky with a little butterfly feature.  The script font is pretty standard, but the pink looks good against the blue sky.  Client is happy… I am happy.

A Co-Ordinated Advertising Campaign

Campaigns like this are quite common and usually include a coordinated appraoch with website and advertising material all branded correctly.  As with most of these campaigns, it includes website updates, MailChimp mailout, Google Ads Campagn and Facebook campaign.

A short video created for the Google Ads campaign.  Uploaded to YouTube, but in all honesty, I don’t expect it to be watched a lot.  the main reason for these videos is to achieve a good quality score in the Google Ads campaign.  A better campaign is more likely to be shown, thus improving poerformace and ROI.

Good SEO for WooCommerce Products

Clients are often inclined to allow the product images ‘do the talking’, so to speak.  The problem is… Google WILL NOT see the content of the image, only that there IS an image.  For Google to properly index a page, it can only read text.  I encourage clients that all products should have as much text as possible.

Now and again, they may complain that, “but this is just too much text”, which is fair.  However, there are ways to include text on a web page that Google can easily see, but is ‘hidden’ from human visitors.  A minimum of 300 words is advised for EACH WooCommerce product on your shop.  1,000 words would be absolutely brilliant, but may be tricky.

Once client, KerryLinen.ie added over 1,000 words to EACH product page, and after a few weeks of indexing time (Google says anythjing up to 12 weeks, but it’s usually less), the site was ranking very well for all product searches.  It’s really worth blabbering on when creating web pages.  And, just to clarify… by ‘blabbering’, I mean ‘Content Creation‘.

Why Choose WooCommerce?

Becasue it’s free, it’s flexible and IT WORKS!

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In conclusion, WooCommerce is the ideal choice for businesses looking to establish a professional and successful online presence. Its flexibility, customization options, and integration with WordPress make it the preferred e-commerce platform for entrepreneurs and established brands alike.

E-Commerce for Growing Online Business

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