Taxonomy and your Website - Why It's Important to Categorise and Organise the Information on your Website

Taxonomy and your website.  No, it’s not about taxes, it’s about organisation.  It’s about the hierarchical classification and organization of web pages. That, and the ‘tags’ we use to groups certain pages, posts and products together.  It’s a fundamental part of any web build.

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    Taxonomy. What the Heck is That?

    In the context of websites, taxonomy refers to the hierarchical classification and organization of content. It involves grouping and categorizing website content into logical and structured categories, subcategories, and tags based on shared characteristics, topics, or themes.

    Taxonomy helps users navigate and find relevant information on a website by providing a clear and intuitive organizational structure. It also aids in content discoverability, as properly categorized content is more likely to be surfaced in search results and recommended to users.

    Taxonomy is commonly used in content management systems (CMS) to organize various types of content, such as articles, blog posts, products, and multimedia files. It allows website owners to create a consistent and standardized framework for organizing their content, making it easier to manage and maintain over time.

    Most importantly, taxonomy also plays a crucial role in search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines rely on taxonomy to understand the structure and relevance of a website’s content, which can impact its ranking in search results.  Google just loves good taxonomy and your position in search results is hugely improved.

    A good example was my client, Yorkshire Linen Beds & More.  When I took over the website, all pages and products we ‘limped’ in to one category.  The first job was to go through each of the 2,000, or so, products and assign them to category.  So…

    Yorkshire Linen -> Product -> White Cotton Fitted Sheet


    Yorkshire Linen -> Shop -> Bed Linen -> Sheets -> White Cotton Fitted Sheet

    Overall, taxonomy is essential for creating a well-organized, user-friendly, and search engine-friendly website.

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