Do I Need a Web Developer to Build a Website?

Do I Need a Web Developer to Build a Website? YES, YOU DO!

Do I Need a Web Developer to Build a Website?  No!  You absolutely don’t.  However… you may not need someone to fix the gas leak in your kitchen either.  If you’re happy fixing your gas leak, go ahead, it’s easy!  If not, consider a professional.  But then, I may be a litlte biased.  (Muffled explosion in the background.)

Do I Need a Web Developer to Build a Website?

In the digital age, having a professional and functional website is essential for businesses and individuals alike. However, the question of whether you need a web developer to build a website depends on various factors, including your technical skills, budget, and the complexity of your website requirements.

Firstly, let’s consider the role of a web developer.  A web developer is a professional skilled in coding and programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They have the expertise to create custom websites tailored to specific needs and preferences, with intricate functionalities and design elements.

For individuals or businesses with limited technical knowledge or time constraints, hiring a web developer can be a wise investment. A web developer can take your ideas and requirements and turn them into a professionally designed and fully functional website. I can handle everything from creating custom layouts and features to ensuring optimal performance and security.  I can also provide backup and on-going promotional material to increase the possibility of a return on your investment.

Large, One-Off Cost at the Beginning vs Long-Term Smaller Costs

However, hiring a web developer can be costly, especially for small businesses or individuals with tight budgets. In such cases, there are alternative options available that allow you to build a website without the need for extensive coding knowledge or hiring a developer.

One popular option is to use website builders or content management systems (CMS) such as Wix, or Squarespace. These platforms offer user-friendly interfaces and drag-and-drop functionality, allowing you to create a website quickly and easily without any coding skills. They also provide a range of templates and pre-designed layouts to choose from, making it simple to customize your site to suit your needs.

Popular CMS Systems and SaaS (‘Software as a Service’) Platforms

Wix, SquareSpace and others are popular, no doubt.  However, that may be more becasue they advertise heavily and that advertising is, perhaps… misleading.  I’ve had a number of potential clients ask me about the ‘free’ services available and can only answer, “you get what you pay for”.  Also (especially with e-commerce sites), ‘free’ will very quickly become not free, at all.  Most of these SaaS providers will take monthly subscription costs, transaction costs and maintenance costs.  ‘Free’ websites tend to quite expensive after a short while.

There’s also a rather large question regarding how Google (and other search engines, but really just Google) assesses your website.  Google knows that you’ve spent nothing on your site.  It also see that your competition have put some effort in to their online presence, with careful SEO, content management and integration with other platforms, like Facebook, for example..  This matters.

So, What Does All that Mean? Do I Need a Developer, or Not?

Once again, the answer is, “It depends”.  A Wix site can be perfect if your aim is NOT to make money, that is, a site designed to be a personal project or of a non-commercial nature.  However, if you are serious about launching a new commercial website, a web developer is absolutely recommended.  Contrary to a numbner of opinions I’ve heard, building a website isn’t simply, “pressing a few buttons”.

Always, I recommend those I speak to, to speak to other web developers.  Fire off a few emails to half a dozen web development companies and see what they say.

Ultimately, whether you need a web developer to build a website depends on your specific requirements, budget, and technical abilities. While hiring a web developer offers the advantage of expertise and customization, there are also alternative options available that allow you to create a website on your own terms. By weighing your options and considering your needs, you can choose the approach that best suits you and your project.

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